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Exterior Basement Waterproofing Membrane| Best quality, Low price

Waterproofing of the building is one of the most important operations that must be done in each building. Where there is moisture and humidity, there is destruction and mildew. Moisture initially shows itself as mild, and after that, the collapse of the material or the rustiness of the elements occurs. There are various solutions to prevent moisture inside the building. Bitumen has been used for many years. Over time, new products have been produced. Waterproofing Membrane is a good moisture insulator suitable for insulating spaces such as roofs and baths that are in direct contact with moisture. Today, moisture insulators are produced by combining fibers and water-soluble materials that can maintain any level of moisture penetration.  

Today, the use of bitumen is outdated. Because it causes severe burns. The cost and time of insulating with bitumen is high. Also, its durability is not high.For this reason, they use a waterproof membrane. These membranes last for about 15 years, and the cost per square meter of this membrane is about $ 2. 

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Membrane  is in the form of a liquid and prevents the moisture of the building . After drying this liquid in Exterior Basement converted to a Strong insolation. 

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Membrane| Best quality, Low price

is Exterior Basement Waterproofing necessary ?

is Exterior Basement Waterproofing necessary ? The most important part of this building is Exterior Basement. For this reason, if we use proper moisture insulation and thermal insulation, then after a few years there will be no problem with the building. These waterproof membranes are produced in various models and materials. Until a few years ago, Iran was forced to import this membrane from other countries. But now, with the advancement of the petrochemical industry and the construction industry, it has become self-sufficient and produces these products. 

Exterior Waterproofing use materials like primers. Primers are used to insulate concrete surfaces and metal, wood and glass surfaces. Insulators are used in addition to buildings in various industries. In addition to the primer, they also use cement. These cement-based waterproof membranes are made in the form of powder mixed with water and can be easily applied on different surfaces.

best ways for waterproofing basement

best ways for waterproofing basement The best waterproofing for the basement is a waterproof membrane. These membranes are used for all parts of the building and prevent the penetration of water to the underlying layers.Properties of waterproof membranes suitable for the basement are: 

  1. These membranes have a long shelf life.
  2. Stable against atmospheric factors and tolerate temperatures between-130 ° -40 ° C.
  3. This insulation has high tensile strength
  4. This membrane is resistant to the pressure due to expansion and contraction due to the polyester layers.
  5. They have a shelf life of 10-15 years.
  6. No need for replacement and repair.

5 useful tips about Exterior Waterproofing

5 useful tips about Exterior Waterproofing

  • Clean the surface thoroughly and do not have any level of contamination and moisture. 
  • If your waterproof membrane was liquid, pour a thin layer over the surface and let it dry. 
  • If your membrane is tight and striped, spread a thin layer on the surface. 
  • Do not use for a few hours. 
  • For more certainty, you can reinsert the essential places.
  • Some waterproof membranes should be heated and then melt. When using heat burners, you should look after your body that does not burn. 

where to buy affordable membrane?

where to buy affordable membrane?If you are looking for a quality waterproof membrane, we suggest you to purchase from official membrane dealers in Iran. Exterior Waterproofing is sold in various packages in these centers. Most of the customers in these centers are retailers. These centers provide discounts to their customers. In addition to these centers, you can buy building materials stores. 

In the past years, membranes were produced in Germany, China and Japan. But now the import of this product has been reduced. 

If you are going to buy cheap and quality membranes, use Iranian products. Help the country’s economic cycle by buying these membranes. 

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